• Superior heating performance up to 48,000 BTU’s per hour adequately heats large areas

• Large capacity firebox provides heating for up to 10 hours at an "average" output on one fuel loading

• Heavy-duty firebrick lining insures high-combustion efficiency and safe performance

• Heavy-gauge aluminized steel construction assures longer firebox life and promotes rapid heat transfer

• Heavy-duty cast-iron draw-style shaker grate provides years of trouble-free performance and eliminates dropping the "firebed"

• Cast-iron front and rear liners protect firebox ends and help distribute heat evenly

• Fully air-tight construction aids in proper regulation of burn efficiency, as well as controlling proper combustion

• Automatic bi-metallic thermostat provides trouble-free comfort control without electricity

• Lift-top with positive safety latch provides access to auxiliary cooking surface and safely holds lift-top in open position

• Positive two-stage door latch prevents flashbacks upon opening of feed door

• Heavy-duty cast-iron feed and ash doors with ceramic door gaskets prevent warpage, enhance air-tight operation, provide greater efficiency and promote

longer burn times

• Attractive earth-tone, high-temp textured enamel finish with raised, wood-grained escutcheon panel makes unit easy to clean and resistant to

discoloration, while offering contemporary styling

• Optional add-on automatic blower with manual override increases air circulation, enhances counter-flow convection currents and extends heat to

additional rooms

• Safety tested and certified to UL Standard 1482 by Warnock Hersey International



Wondercoal 2827




cast Iron Shaker/Draw


33"H X 19"W X 32 1/2"L

Flue Size


Coal Capacity

50 lbs.

Ship Weight

245 lbs.

Floor Req’d



36" to any combustible rear wall
24" to side wall

U.S. Stove’s WONDERCOAL combines energy efficiency with versatility making it the hottest model on the market. WONDERCOAL provides the extra hear needed in the winter while keeping heating costs down. With the standard lift-top, it will not only heat, but also cook. WONDERCOAL is the answer to today’s energy demands, from America’s oldest and most experienced stove maker, U.S. Stove.

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