The Call Home


The Call Home:
The salmon feel it, the migrating birds feel it and Johnstowners feel it.

   This old Snowbird, who wrote "Do you believe in DESTINY?" bit above, has been feeling it in his bones.

   I left Johnstown twice. First time in1944, when I went to Ohio to get a good Summer job and ended up staying till Uncle Sam called me to finish up World War Two . Then after Uncle Sam didn't need me any more I returned to Ohio and married the gal I had met there and fallen in love with. We returned to Johnstown.where I completed High School and I got a job,working while attending Veterans High School.

   Meantime my beautiful sweet wife presented the world and me with a beautiful daughter. I graduated High School but got laid off from my job in 1949, at which time we left Johnstown for keeps.

   We have had a wonderful and exciting life together, and the climate in Arizona is wonderful. I know I am still in the heat of the Grief Process, but Johnstown is calling-calling.

   Maybe it is just a passing fancy, but I am adventurous and must get on with life. I crave a non sexual and non-marrying (For the present anyway) companion with common interests, Perhaps there are a few old classmates who would be interested in communicating with me. I may want to visit Johnstown for a time, perhaps move back there (home). You may be one who would enjoy a trip to Phoenix for a nice visit.

I know this, I am looking to go on with life for what time is left and a reunion with an old friend or three might be a wonderful way to relive old "Might have beens." Any body interested? I have three high school graduating classes due to an illness causing me to miss a year of school,.then a war finishing the job of messing up my high school experience.

   So if you were ever in any of the Johnstown High School Classes of 1945-46-47 or thereabouts and remember Walter Cameron from School, Please E-Mail me-who knows--we may be friends.

   My dear sweet wife (Peg) passed away Oct, 28,2002.

You can take the boy out of Johnstown, but you can never take Johnstown out of the boy!

Walter E Cameron
Mesa, Arizona

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