79. A Prospect Boy Thinks Back
78. One Summer in South Fork, Pa.
77. Summers as a kid in Johnstown
76. Having Grown Up In The Roxbury Area
75. Growing Up In Johnstown - Oakhurst Area
74. The memories are always there.
73. I need help if possible ...
72. Growing Up In Cambria City
71. Memory - Union Street Elementary School
70. How Do You Say Good-bye To An Old Friend?
69. I Was Just Thrilled
68. I Miss My Hometown
67. Comments Johnstown Journal
66. I was raised on Roxbury Avenue
65. I have been asked many times
64. Great Memories
63. Research on the JTCo. streetcars
62. These things somehow stay etched in the mind.
61. Thanks for all of the memories
60. Missing Johnstown
59. Greetings from Scotland
58. The Call Home.
57. Just to relax and watch some of those sunsets.
56. Do you believe in DESTINY?
55. Flight 93 and Miracle in the Mines
54. I would like to be included on it and tell my story.
53. More Johnstown Memories
52. I've never lived in Johnstown, but ...
51. A Touch of Johnstown in Maryland
50. Very Happy Memories!
49. Beauty of Johnstown
48. Old Johnstown
47. Another Ex-Johnstowner signs in
46. My heart stayed in Johnstown
45. My Hometown
44. Johnstown Roots
43. Old Johnstowner
42. My Friend Pete Pekich
41. Please City Fathers, do not let the good life pass by
40. I sure do miss Johnstown
39. Johnstown Memories
38. Boy, where do you even start?
37. Tribute to JHS teachers
36. Main Street in Johnstown
35. Greetings
34. Fond Memories
33. There is no place like home.
32. Loyal hometowners
31. This is the best of times. This is the worst of times.
30. What a wondeful vacation!!
29. Hills of Pennsylvania
28. I'll never forget the good times.
27. What a wonderful world...
26. Johnstown Pride
25. Bit of Johnstown history ...
24. Growing Up in Johnstown ...
23. Johnstown hitting 200
22. Good Ole Johnstown
21. Execs give coalition $25,000
20. Memories of Johnstown
19. Hi from Wisconson
18. City marks six years without tax hikes
17. Growing Up Happy
16. Article triggered childhood memories
15. Main Street manager vows to continue without salary
14. Main Street program runs low on funds
13. Covering its asset - Bedford County fixing up 120-year-old bridge
12. Super sculpture - Artist proposes bicentennial statue
11. Signs promote Windber's coal, Hollywood ties
10. Over his head - Pool owner asks supervisors to take plunge
  9. Roots!
  8. Library goes high-tech with Web Catalog
  7. More jobs would bring me home
  6. Get ready to party - City starts planning bicentennial
  5. Ice Cream Dream - Alwine's Reunion
  4. Summers last fling - county fairs
  3. Alwine's Reunion - Update
  2. Writers Wanted
  1.  Job Search

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