The Johnstown Handicapped Association is dedicated to the well being of physically challenged people of Johnstown and the surrounding areas.

OBJECTIVES: Help one another as a support group and be more socially involved in the community around us. We want to make others aware that being handicapped doesn't mean that life stops. We keep going! By hearing about new treatments and ideas through speakers and learning about exercises to combat illnesss, members learn to be more independent.

Meetings will be held at the Senior Center, Johnstown, located at the corner of Bedford and Main Street The meetings in January and February will be held on the fourth Monday of the month, January 26, 2009 and February 23, 2009. The rest of the year, the meetings are held the 3rd Monday of the Month.

Please join us if you would like to see what our group is all about and upcoming events.

Dues are $7.00 per year for handicapped members, $12.00 for associate members. We have many outings and programs which the members will pay for 1/2 the cost, the organization will pay the other half the costs.

Barbara Killian

In 1965, Thelma Cameron was handicapped since birth, and wanted to change lifes of the disabled adults. She saw many disabled adults who were being pushed aside, with no where to go. At that time it was very hard for disabled people to use public transportion, and there was no assessible entrances. Her dream was to mainstream handicapped adults and advance their sociol, economic, and physical welfare. In February 1967, The Johnstown Handicapped Association received their first allotment check from Community chest (now, United Way).

The Johnstown Handicapped Association has many activities. Bowling, ceramics, movies, two picnics in the summer. There are two day trips to such places as Raytown or the Donegol animal park in the summer. They have gone to The Green Gables playhouse to see a play, (Always Patsy Kline) or another one thats playing. They eat at a restaurant near by before seeing the play. For any outing the members pays half and the association pays half.

The Johnstown Handicapped Association meets on the third Monday every month at The Johnstown Senior Center. Dues are due in September and carries over to August 31. Dues are $5.00 a year. Also dues for ceramis is $5.00 for a ten week session. At the meetings, there is a social time when we have a snack.I came to Johnstown to be a student at The Hiram G Andrews Center in 1994. and joined the Johnstown Handicapped Association in 1997. I really enjoy bowling each summer at Westmont Lanes. I also enjoy Ceramics, I have gotten much better painting. I enjoy make gifts of my ceramics for Christmas gifts or Birthdays I am doing this web page for The Johnstown Handicapped Association because I feel this will get more members and hopefully help us to improve the Association.

We are hoping to get a bus trip in the summer.

"A New Friend"

"Enjoying A Nice Day At The Zoo"