Q. How do I update or delete my information on the Classmate Locator Pages?

A. Just refill out the classmate add form and place your comments for the change in the comments area of the form. Please fill in your name, school and year, as we do not know every name in our list.

Q. Is there a charge to place Reunion information on the site?

A. No, we will be glad to add your upcoming reunion to the website. You can email us at webmaster@johnstownpa.com the information or send a copy of your reunion flyer to Michaels Computing, 604 Oak Street, Johnstown, PA 15902. And we'll add this when we get it.

Q. Why don't you list years of students to are going to graduate in the next few years?

A. Well this is a good one, there are a few reasons for this.

  • We don't want to post information about minors on the website.

  • You may believe you will graduate, but this is not always so on graduation day.

  • You may move before graduation, or something else may prevent you from graduation.

Q. Why don't you list teachers or former faculty on the website?

A. Well since only former students have asked this question. If your a teacher or former staff, and would like to start a teacher/staff locator, please contact us at webmaster@johnstownpa.com and if we get enough responses we'll start this up also.

I hope this has answered your questions if not please email us at webmaster@johnstownpa.com with you question.

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