End of an Era

Flood of 1889The flood brought an abrupt end to the second phase of Johnstown's development, and marked the beginning of the present--or third--phase. Between 1889 and 1954 Johnstown developed to its present status.

With financial help from the outside world, Johnstown and its neighbors were rebuilt and welded into a bigger and stronger municipality than before.

While reconstruction was underway, valley people went to the polls and eight boroughs--Johnstown included--voted to consolidate. The balloting took place on November 6, 1889. On December 18 of the same year Johnstown was granted a third-class city charter. At the first city election on February 18, 1890, W. Horace Rose was elected the first mayor.

As previously noted, Johnstown Borough consisted of seven wards when the consolidation vote was taken. As a result of the voting, these other boroughs became part of the new city.

Grubbtown became the 8th Ward; Conemaugh Borough became the 9th and 10th Wards; Woodvale the 11th Ward; Prospect the 12th Ward; Millville the 13th and 14th Wards, and Cambria Borough the 15th and 16th Wards.

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