Pioneer Settlers

So far as the records show, the first white settlers were Solomon and Samuel Adams and their sister Rachel Adams. Coming from Bedford in the early 1770s, they pioneered in the Stonycreek valley and cleared the first farmland in what is now Johnstown. Samuel and Rachel were killed by Indians as they fled toward Bedford about 1772. Their memory was perpetuated with the naming of Solomon Run, Sam's Run and Rachel Hill. Pioneer Settlers

Among other early settlers was John Horner, the patriarch of the Stonycreek, who once owned most of the land that now includes the 7th and 17th Wards and Dale Borough. He built a grist mill on Solomon Run in 1799.

John Hinckston, who killed the last known Indian in the Johnstown area, lived along Hinckston Run before 1800; Peter Gouchnour came to the area in 1798; Abraham Hildebrand erected a grist mill on the Little Conemaugh in 1797.

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